Polythene mailers

Polythene mailersPolythene mailers are made to be extremely user and customer friendly. Most plastic mailers and mail order bags are made as pouches and come in various sizes and shapes. They also usually have peel and seal label tape for ease of use that are tamper resistant. You can also find versions that instead of the peel and seal simply come with a plain lip, if this better meets your mailing needs. You can find either plain plastic mailers and envelopes or reinforced mail order bags. There are also those with bubble bags or foam bags if you are mailing items that need some extra cushioning. Plastic mailers can be purchased at a reasonable price due to the extreme cost effectiveness in the manufacturing of polythene mailing bags. If you do a large amount of mailings, you'll be able to find further cost reduction if you buy a larger quantity of mail bags at once.

Polythene mailing bags

Polythene mailing bags come in such a variety of styles, shapes, types, sizes and colours, which make them a highly versatile product that can meet the needs of many businesses and individuals for a wide variety of mailing needs. They can also act as great marketing and promotional tools for your business. Clear plastic mailers can give you the advantage of showing your product and promoting your business by showing your product while blue metallic and silver mail bags make a visual impression with anyone that sees them. Just about any type of plastic mail bag can also be custom designed and printed with anything you'd like. This includes sales and personalized messages, business logos as well as return addresses.

Plastic mailers

The versatility and wide range of choices in plastic mail bags make them a popular choice in today's business world and with the general public. Plastic mailers not only come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours, but also have many additional features that offer the added benefits of cushioning, durability, strength, tamper proofing, puncture resistance and water resistance as well as marketing potential. Polythene mailing bags are a very cost effective choice as well since they are cheaply made while still a great product that offer all that is needed and more. Regardless of your business or personal needs, you are sure to find the right plastic mailing bags for your particular mailing needs.

Eco-friendly plastic mailers

If you are concerned about polythene and the environment, you'll be happy to know there are eco-friendly versions of polythene bags and plastic mailers that provide all of the same benefits and features. These polythene bags are made of thin gauge high density plastic and are degradable. This means they are much more easily broken down and therefore better on the environment. These eco-friendly alternatives have gained in acceptance in countries in which polythene bags were either previously banned or restricted. They are definitely the route to go if you have any environmental concerns about the use of these products.